Marley’s Warning (BSP Blog Post 7)

In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens uses Marley as a warning for Ebeneezer Scrooge. The description of Marley is Gothic, as well as a little scary. Without much description, ghosts in general are Gothic. They are supernatural beings that can cross physical boundaries. They are also crossing a boundary between being both dead and alive. They... Continue Reading →

The Haworth Experience (BSP Blog Post 5)

On Monday, I got the opportunity to visit and explore Haworth, a quaint village on the English moors. This is where Emily Bronte grew up and got the inspiration to write Wuthering Heights. Overall, I had a wonderful time. I loved being able to hike the moors, even though the path was uneven and oftentimes slippery... Continue Reading →

Horace Walpole’s Gothic Revival (BSP Blog Post 3)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Horace Walpole's Gothic revival mansion, Strawberry Hill. This awe-inspiring house was painstakingly built with an eye to detail unmatched by many homes. His attention to detail in order to evoke emotions from his visitors is obvious and something I myself experienced while touring the manor. Walpole is credited... Continue Reading →

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